Kate HarmonOil Paintings

    My aim in painting the landscape is not to imitate what I see, but to capture the essence of what struck me about a scene or image to begin with, and to share with the viewer what I feel when, for example, the sun shines in a special way through the trees or the distant hills become a purplish blue. Through the process of experimentation, of adding paint and taking it away, I hope to create within the two-dimensional surface a piece that compels the viewer to stop and spend some time, not only with the image, but with the painting itself and the process involved in creating it.

    In the New England landscape I am attracted in particular to open spaces as well as the structure and personalities of New England buildings and trees. The Connecticut River is not only familiar but special to me: my grandparents grew up along the upper Connecticut, and I near the lower river in the Pioneer Valley. My family has spent summers for 80 years in New Hampshire, and the New Hampshire lakes and countryside are part of my soul.

    In Provence, nature’s beauty combines in a unique way with the area’s history, traditions and the contemporary use of buildings that are centuries old – particularly in the medieval villages, or “villages perchés”. I have spent time in Provence for the past eight years, drawn back each time to the unique beauty, color and light of the region.

    I paint with oils. My paintings are built over time, with the final painting one of a luminous quality and expansive space. The paintings are meant to soothe the viewer, and resonate a sense of stillness and space.

    It is my hope that my imagery will transport the viewer, back to a quieter time.. a place that honors relaxation and contemplation.


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