Lynne AdamsDrawings & Paintings


    lynne-adamsLynne Adams lives and works in Western Massachusetts. She received her education from Clark University, Massachusetts College of Art, and the Vermont Studio School, where she studied with renowned painter Wolf Kahn. Since 1987 her work has shown at galleries and museums througout New England and New York and is in collections in the U.S., England, Japan and South Korea. She has received numerous awards including two Massachusetts Cultural Grants.

    Artistically, Adams is drawn to atmosphere, extremes in weather, patterns, rhythms, and light in nature. “My best work is when the paintings feel ‘natural’, as if nature had created the painting itself with very little assistance from me. By natural I do not mean photographic, but the natural ordered chaos that’s out there. The work should be moving and alive like nature, I want the viewer to keep noticing new things in the painting, similar to the different moments you experience on a walk outside. There is a whole symphony of voices in nature and I am blessed to play conductor and choose which voices to have playing in my compositions.”



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