WEFTLisa Maria Bertoldi

    WEFT-headshotThese domestic textiles are handwoven in Massachusetts on a Glimakra loom, made in Sweden. The yarns I employ are also Swedish; they are of very high quality materials which are spun and dyed very capably, by well-respected Swedish companies. The resulting fabric is a beautiful, well-coloured, stable cloth which will give years of service even under daily use.

    I offer kitchen linens of high absorbency. The warp is made of cottolin, which is a cotton and linen combination in a ratio of 60 to 40. It has the strength of linen and the softness and stretch of cotton. The weft, the thread used to weave the web of fabric, is of a singles linen. Traditionally, towels are made with linen of a singles thread (rather than a two-ply thread). This translates into a thread that will flatten to a greater degree, offering more water absorbency.

    I paint with oils. My paintings are built over time, with the final painting one of a luminous quality and expansive space. The paintings are meant to soothe the viewer, and resonate a sense of stillness and space.

    It is my hope that my imagery will transport the viewer, back to a quieter time.. a place that honors relaxation and contemplation.




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