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adrea-zaxAndrea Zax has been designing and sewing clothing for 30 years. She has worked with Sarasota Opera, New England Conservatory of Music, Opera Boston, Boston Ballet, Huntington Theater, and Boston Conservatory to mention a little of her work experience. Andrea has fit hundreds of people (brides, actresses, and dancers) into clothing and costumes. Andrea has a B.F.A. from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, but has been designing dresses and clothes since she got her first Barbie doll.

Andrea has always made things. It was a natural progression to attend art school when she finished high school. Mass College of art and Design was a great experience, the community of creative people was quite luxurious. She later learned, when she was faced with finding creative people on her own, what a rich environment art school had been.

Andrea fell into theater and costume work after having mixed experience selling what she wanted to make. In theater the budget and deadline were the givens. She got known pay to produce costumes. Andrea had her assorted interests and jobs and kept doing her own work whenever possible.

This making a living is such a challenge. Andrea has always done work that is creative on some level, costuming for theater and dance as well as bridal gown design has been her living and an outlet for some of her creative needs.

Andrea also weaves and this is her more sacred art, no one is making demands on what she is to weave. This is by design. Not everything can be for money, some art has to be done for the creative outlet.

She teaches and enjoys giving back some of the knowledge that she has acquired over the many years.

“I love being at Cottage Street with the other artists there! It’s great to be a part of something bigger.”



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