Andy GrantGestural Photography


    I call my work Gestural Photography because I slow down the shutter speed and gesture with the camera as I snap the picture. For me it feels like Action Painting only with the camera instead of a brush. My intentional camera movement introduces a kind of mark-making to the basic elements of color, texture, and composition presented in the scene.

    Gesturing with the camera is unique. Whatever is aligned with the gesture pops forward, presenting another plane of focus. Surface details wash away and color is intensified by the pulsing of the digitalsensor. Finally, snapping the photo backdrops in the middle of a gesture — in the instant when the composition is in view — introduces an element of timing, like a dance.

    I’ve been gesturing with my camera since I discovered this technique in January 2007. This approach continues to excite my imagination, combining technical skill, artistry, and accidental discovery.



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