Catherine GibbsFine Art Paintings


    C GibbsheadshotCatherine Gibbs is an established oil painter. Her evocative and vibrant work has been shown exten-sively in venues in western Massachusetts, as well as nationally. Along with her painting career, she is a curator, art educator, and graphic arts designer. Gibbs received her B.A. in Art from Westfield State University, as well as her Post-baccalaureate Teacher License in Visual Art.


    Through my paintings, I have become attentive to the splendid drama of my everyday world; how light hangs on a tree or building, the movement or stillness of water passing under a bridge, the mystery of a tunnel or the grit of a train yard. Motion manifests itself in much of my subject matter, whether it’s arresting a moment of motion or even a feeling in time. I feel my body of work so far is a metaphor for my life’s journey.



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