Denise BeaudetteMagical Anti-Realism

    Art Statement

    Denise-BeaudetteI am a printmaker turned painter who has been entirely dedicated to making Art for 25 years in the last decade, on creating a Social Justice work for a project called Roots To Resistance. I attended the Art Department at Greenfield Community College in the late 80’s and went on for further education at Hartford Art School, where I discovered how to connect my very active inner world with the making of pictures. This transformation of imagination, memory and experience into Art has been the most important discovery in my life and I have been finding my way forward by following its clear path.

    Though I started out as a printmaker, I have become over the years, a painter, working on paper and sometimes found objects like rock, wood, slate and rusty metal. The work is generally very vibrant, intuitive and narrative at its core. The main purpose being to convey inner things, feelings, questions, memories and always nature and its creatures. Daily time in the woods brings everything together and brings so much back to the Art table. Mortality, not morbidity is a subject that runs through it all, as I have never been afraid to grapple openly with this shared human challenge, which I hope someday long in the future to graciously surrender to.



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