Elizabeth MercerGlass Mosaics


    elizabeth-mercerGlass-on-glass mosaics have been my focus for the last half-decade. I’d previously worked with paint and collage, but the vibrancy and textures of glass were an inspiration. Each sheet of the material has its own unique character: royal glow, flat shine, smoky haze, bold markings, subliminal swirls — it’s all found in the glass, all ingredients with which I improvise, making balanced and bright one-of-a-kind pieces.

    I draw from the beauty, color and patterns found in nature — flowers, rocks, seashells, sunsets, autumn foliage — and make each mosaic by choosing a color palette and then working spontaneously, letting the piece evolve. I cut the glass by hand and love the meditative process of finding the flow and balance between the shapes and hues.

    The finished mosaics, hung in a window, feel alive: during the day, as the shifting natural light shines through, new highlights emerge, and the reflection of the piece into the room creates a magical glow that changes from moment to moment. I create my calming, kaleidoscopic pieces to interact with the warmth of the sun, transforming that light to add beauty and joy to any space.



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