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     Katebackdrop|Backdrops Sale for Photography During the process of photographing flowers, animals and landscapes, I experience joy and a sense of peace. Capturing their natural beauty in a photograph allows me to hold on to that joy and to share it with others. I delight in and am inspired by the detail, design and colors contained within nature. Photography has taught me to see light, shadows and nuances with a more vivid appreciation. In sharing my work, I strive to achieve what was so poignantly stated by Alfred Stieglitz: “What is of greatest importance is to hold a moment, to record something so completely that those who see it will relive an equivalent of what has been expressed.”

    My earlier work focused on macro photography and the exquisite details of flowers. More recently and since transitioning to the use of a digital camera, my work more often depicts landscapes and animals. I have been exhibiting my photographs since 2002 in numerous solo and group exhibits, both within the Pioneer Valley and in Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada where I reside for five months each year. My studio is located at One Cottage Street in Easthampton which gives me the great opportunity to participate in the twice yearly Cottage Street Studios week-end sales and to collaborate with a wonderful and talented group of artists.

    In terms of equipment, the flower and macro photographs were taken with a Minolta 370 camera and a Tamron SP90 macro lens using slide film. Since 2012, I have used an Olympus OM-D camera. My photographs have undergone little or no digital manipulation.

    In addition to large photographs (generally up to 22” x 30”), I have over 50 different photographic greeting cards, including a winter holiday series, and postcards. These are sold during open studios and at several retail outlets, including River Valley Market in Northampton and Books and Company in Picton.

    Solo exhibits in the Pioneer Valley have included:

    • Lathrop Communities Art Gallery, Easthampton (2015, 2010)
    • The City Hall Gallery, Easthampton, MA (2012-13, 2005)
    • Easthampton City Arts Gallery (2009)
    • Northampton Senior Center Gallery (2008)
    • Burnett Gallery, Jones Library, Amherst (2007)
    • Northampton Cooperative Bank, Florence and Northampton Branches (2006)
    • Robert Floyd Gallery, Southampton (2005)
    • Jewish Community of Amherst (2004)
    • Chameleon’s, Northampton (2003)
    • Hosmer Gallery, Forbes Library, Northampton (2002)

    In Prince Edward County my photographs have been included in several juried art shows: the Eastern Ontario Photo Show (CLIC) each year 2011-2015, the 2015 Art in the County exhibit, and the 2016 Warkworth Lilac Festival Photography Show. My photographs and greeting cards are featured in the Just Sweets Retro Bakery for April-October 2016.



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