John DarbyDarby Artisan


JD-proI started my artistic path in the early seventies making large scale color field paintings. As a practical measure I shifted my focus to woodworking, building “art furniture” along with fine cabinetry. Along the way I developed a passion for woodcarving and wood sculpture.

In the past ten years, I’ve been returning to my roots as a purely visual artist, sometimes integrating graphic work into woodworking designs.

My series of “mandala” images, as flowers, are based on the Tibetan Buddhist principals of the “five families’ of energy, each one representing a particular neurosis/wisdom/element. Intended to be a playful interpretation of some profound Buddhist principals.

My influences are eclectic. I draws inspiration from many furniture traditions French,English ,Scottish Art nouveau along with influences from Japan,central Asia, as well as contemporary American art and architecture.

My intent is to create images and objects that are uplifting and passionate, reflecting the luminous beauty of our short visit here on earth.



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