Laura RadwellArtist / Designer


    Landscapes alternately inspire us and take our breath away. When I first began to paint over twenty-five years ago, I was drawn to landscape’ s convergences of color, form, light, and shape, all given a natural life that welcomes the human view. At that point, I was trying to capture, or rather, to acknowledge aesthetic dimensions with whichnature presents us. I was painting, as it were, “from the outside in.”

    In recent years, my art moved in what may seem almost a diametrically opposite direction. I was working digitally and virtually, using “paints”provided by my photographic images rather than by pigment. The works themselves are abstract studies in color and form, fashioned on the computer and printed on a variety of surfaces, including paper and metal. Even these digital works do not lose touch with the natural, frequently beginning with lovingly examined organic processes like the oxidization and corrosion of metal and other materials. The resulting compositions often refer to and evoke scenes from nature.

    In the fall of 2014, I returned after many years to my brushes and oils as I could no longer delay returning to the medium that I have loved the most. I have found there a creative vein and energy unlike any I have experienced before, one that has actually been fueled my digital work. Over the years a fascination with color, texture, form has played out in my work as a designer, and now appears in my art. When combined with a love of nature and the landscape, the results are works layered with lush color and built textures. Marks and delineations that are energetic impulses add hints of definition in the spaces created. These are spaces and places that do not exist in the real world, although they may; the perception of the viewer and the power of imagination give them life. One is invited to explore and decide what is being perceived, and by extension, what feelings may be contained within.

    These are landscapes painted ‘ from the inside out.’

    It could be said of both my photo abstracts and recent paintings that habitual perception is being challenged. The usual questions (“Where was that? What place is that? What is that?”) have no specific answers. In the words of Robert Irwin, “Seeing is forgetting the name of the thing one sees.”


    Laura-RadwellI am a native New Yorker, communications professional, artist, designer, and devoted collector of visual impressions. The valley has been my home since 1974. After founding in Radwell Communication by Design in 1986, and serving a diverse clientele in the arts, education, business, healthcare and social services, I returned to my fine art pursuits several years ago, in my studio at One Cottage Street, in Easthampton. Several years ago, when I returned to my art, it was in a new medium. This work began with photographs I take of the landscape, deteriorating surfaces like oxidized metal and chipped paint, and objects of interest (grimy factory windows, walls showing the effects of time, cracked cement, etc.) Using a virtual canvas, images are blended and arranged in relationship to one another, creating new abstract impressions based on real world elements.


    Homer Gallery, Forbes Library, Northampton, MA – February 2016
    Arno Maris Gallery, Westfield State University, Westfield, MA –October/December 2015 (solo)
    dECAde, Easthampton City Arts, Easthamtpon, MA – July 2015
    “Landescapes’ Show, Deerfield Arts Bank – May/June 2015
    Nash Gallery, Easthampton, MA – March/April 2015 (solo)
    Embler Art Gallery/Flagship Lounge, JFK International Airport, NY – May to December 2014
    MassMutual Center, Springfield, MA – November 2014
    Eastmont Gallery, Easthampton, MA – October 2013 (solo)
    Baystate Hospital, Greenfield MA – March/April/May, 2013 (solo)
    Northampton Cooperative Bank, Amherst – MA, Feb. 2013 (solo)
    Nash Gallery, Easthampton, MA – October 2012 (solo)
    Trailside Gallery, Northampton, MA – May 2012 (solo)
    Amherst Town Hall, Amherst, MA – Jan/Feb/March 2012 (solo)
    Academy of Music, Northampton, MA – Nov/Dec 2011 (solo)
    Easthampton City Arts Group Show, Easthampton, MA – Nov 2011
    Wistariahurst Museum, Holyoke, MA – Nov/Dec 2011
    Left Bank Gallery, Wellfleet, MA – Summer 2011

    “Vital Connection”– Eastmont Gallery, Easthampton, MA – June/July 2011
    Davis Orton Gallery, Hudson, NY – May 12 – June 19, 2011 (solo)
    Northampton Center for the Arts, Northampton, MA – November 2010 (solo)
    “Snap to Grid”– LACDA, Los Angeles, CA – Nov/Dec 2010
    “Small Works”– Easthampton, MA – November 2010
    “Pleasant Street Industrious”– Group exhibition, Eastworks and Paragon Arts and Industry artists, Easthampton, MA – October 2010
    “Red”– Easthampton City Arts, Easthampton, MA – February 2010
    Center for the Arts, Northampton, MA: Photomontage, June 1992 (solo)
    The Canal Gallery, Holyoke, MA, June 1992
    Heritage Bank for Savings, Northampton, MA, June-October 1991
    Sync Gallery, Northampton, MA, November 1990
    Center for the Arts, Northampton, MA: Landscape Paintings, April 1990 (solo)
    Hart Gallery, Northampton, MA, April 1989



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