Mona ShiberFine Arts


    Shiber.M_head_shotHaving chosen a creative life, I hold both a bachelors & masters in the fine arts. Like a chef, I incorporate an array of mediums and ingredients into assemblage, objects, and installations.

    In my own training & artistic expression, I have explored levels of human consciousness, the psycho-spiritual unfolding that is innate & universal. This search led me to study the subtle energy of the non-material ‘light body’ as described in Indo-Asian art.

    Motifs run through my work: shrines as a focal point for contemplation; human orifices (eye, ear, nose, mouth) as sensory pathways; hands as symbolic gestures (mudras) or altars for holding objects; mandalas as dynamic, sacred circles; and the chakras expressed as inter-related mandalas. Drawing from my study of Indian philosophy and art, I image chakras as circular vortices of subtle energy. In my work, the chakra system is represented within the floral structure of a blossoming lotus plant— from its rooting in layers of decay, to the long journey upward through the dark water, toward the greater light and clarity under the sun — itself a powerful motif found across the Asian continent and north Africa.

    My interests lying deep in the contemplative life, creating from inspiration things of the sacred realm and looking for truth beyond/beneath/within the material world. My approach to artwork is hermit-like and my essential mode is to sit and allow. Quiet, present moment awareness and deep inspiration have been guides in these ‘art-making’ process.



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