Patricia BelangerPainter


    patricia belangerOne glorious day, I opened a big box of Soft Pastels and brightly colored fish began to appear bringing their coral behind them… One after another they came, with an occasional Sea Turtle floating by… one day the Sea Turtle remarked that my Aquarium had grown to an enormous size. I decided it was time to come up for air.

    As I broke the surface, a pair of Loons appeared and escorted me back to their nest at the water’s edge. After a rest I bid them Farewell. As I roamed, I was met by some exquisitely colored birds. We did what birds do…we flew.

    One day while up in the clouds I came face to face with Giraffe. Giraffe does enjoy having his head in the clouds. He had with him my well-loved collection of Oil Paints! He said perhaps it was time for me to put my feet back on the ground and return to the Season before my foray with Pastels. He thought the Warm-Bloods were missing me…

    Well, soon enough Leopards began to appear…Tigers too. Giraffe thought that perhaps a herd was forming, so we called upon Lion to come and take charge of the matter.

    A Jaguar showed up too, then Cougar and Zebra to name a few…

    It is true that things can get out of hand sometimes when I leave them alone at One Cottage Street and head home to the hills of Williamsburg, so Zebra has stepped up to handle any disputes which occur since he is the only one among us who sees things in Black and White.


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