Patricia Dorr ParkerOil Painting


    Parker head shotParker grew up in suburban Boston. From a young age she has had a love of exploring the outdoors and making art.

    As a young adult Parker was fortunate to have the opportunity to travel extensively around the country, spending several years in the Northwest and Alaska. While also pursuing her studies in Fine Art.

    She has always loved working with her hands and has a deep admiration for good craftsmanship. Over the years she has worked in the jewelry and ceramic craft fields and worked as a freelance botanical illustrator for scientific journals.

    For the past 20 years Parker has been able to devote her time to the pursuit of her personal vision in painting. Parkers paintings are inspired by her close observation of the natural world. They display a quiet meditative quality. She invites you to contemplate the often unnoticed or overlooked beauty exhibited in our natural environment.

    Parker skillfully develops richly layered imagery. The strength of her work lies not only in the visual representation of the organic world but in the underlying abstract structure of the image.

    She currently resides in Florence MA with her husband David and maintains a studio at One Cottage Street, Easthampton, MA



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