Peggy GrosePainter


    Peggy Grose was born in New York City in 1953 into a painting family and raised in Dennis, MA. My primary education was being the daughter of painter, David Grose. My secondary education was The Cambridge School of Weston, Cape Cod Community College and the Vesper George School of Art in Boston.

    So much has been and will be said about creating art. There is the making of the work, the work itself, appreciation and contemplation and all that can be said about work. We’re like bees buzzing around a flower, and from where does that flower come? I love the ambiguities, contradictions, sureness and hesitations of an artist’s intentions.

    The hoopla is embraced, always room for more. Considering music before rock and roll or painting before impressionism; it must be that we are continually on the verge of “doing it again,” whatever it is. As I see it, my job description is to pay attention to the Muses. Nothing’s easier when it is easy or harder when it’s not.



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